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What is the right surface?
The best, but also the most expensive solution is concrete, works best when used. The second, less expensive option is a good quality asphalt. The cheapest solution is paving bezfazowa.
How to find the obstacles?
Obstacles need to choose a two-step approach. At the outset, you should think about and figure out who will be the user of the skatepark. They may be skateboarders, skaters or cyclists on BMX-oh, very often it happens that all of these groups of young people will benefit from the park. So fitting to provide for them all the relevant obstacles. Skateboarders and skaters prefer items to grind and slide'ów, which is different grindboxy and long rails. However, cyclists need a sufficiently wide and high equipment. The idea of ​​the obstacles you can take it to a professional company that is engaged in and has experience in the design and creation of skateparks. Designers working there willing to help you in creating the best items to skatepark concept.
What is the right technology?
Plywood is the cheapest option, it is safer for beginners, as it absorbs shocks, so there is very kontuzyjna. Possible Phased construction or expansion of the skatepark.
Composite materials are more expensive, they behave like a plywood elements, vibration and also be covered by special mats, which have a much higher resistance to abrasion. Therefore, such elements will be much more useful. Also in this case, is staged construction or expansion of the skatepark.
Concrete is definitely the most expensive option. It is the most durable material that does not require as frequent inspection and maintenance than the aforementioned.
What is the right company to build a skatepark
You want to select a company that has extensive experience in building skateparks documented references. Otherwise, we can expect the object is not usable or rozlatującego after less than a year. Please note that if Skateplaza skatepark is a specific object and can not perform such a simple construction company.
Do I need a permit to build a skate park or just a notification?
In the case of building from the ground up with the elements of the square or even a large sports complex will be required to obtain a building permit and other documents such as geological surveys of land, permission to connect to the grid, etc. However, if you ordered only skatepark equipment (especially the modular) just Only the application. To the amount of 14,000 Euro is not necessary to use the Public Procurement Law.
Is the area at the skatepark must be equal?
No, not necessarily. Terrain can be used to create such a level two or three square.
Do children should have a fall?
Children should be decreased (0.5-2%), one-sided, perpendicular to the direction of travel, or diagonal square. The decline may not be from the center in both directions, because then the central obstacles are not set properly.
Is around the skatepark will be a fence?
Maybe, but not necessarily. A better solution is a green belt around the skate park or alley with benches, trash bins, etc. For large skateparks can even consider building grandstands and lighting.
Is the skate park can be in the center of town?
Yes you can, provided that it was not closer than 200m from dwellings so as not to disturb the residents.
How often should perform maintenance?
Such a review is sufficient to perform once a year. Minor maintenance (repair compound losses, tightening the screws, paint) can do on its own, but you need to pay attention to the warranty provisions skatepark.
Have the projects that are on the page, you can modify?
Yes, they can be modified to take into account your requests and suggestions. But keep in mind that not all ideas can be accepted, because they must be kept appropriate performance standards and elements of the security zone between them.
Is there a minimum size of the square at the skatepark?
In the standard there is no minimum square skatepark. But it may happen that the children will be too small to prevent or it can be set on large items because they will not keep the required safety zone.
How long does the construction and installation of the skatepark?
Construction of a small skatepark is 2-3 weeks, assembly - 1 day, average 4-6 weeks, assembly - 1-2 days, large - 2-3 months, installation of 3-7 days. Concrete skateparks are usually created on the spot, and the construction time is 3-5 months.
Are certificates skatepark?
Skatepark should have at least a Declaration of Conformity to PN-EN 14974 (devices for users of roller equipment. Safety requirements and test methods). An additional confirmation of the quality and safety can be certified eg TÜV or technical decision. At the skatepark must be at least instructions for use, specifying the terms of use, maintenance and safety.
Is the skatepark can ride bikes MTB?
The standard does not include such a bike, but you might consider letting bikes similar in construction to BMX - appendix with sample MTB bikes.

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